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Female Scaleless Anery het Amel Corn Snake

We are so very proud to have jumped ahead a season on our breeding plans this year, we threw a cheeky scaleless corn clutch into the mix! These babies were bred from Female Scaleless Snow Mother and a Scaleless Anery Father (soon for sale) making them Anery Scaleless 100% het Amel.

The Scaleless are currently going into blue for their first shed out of the egg… then begins feeding time!

The Scaleless are available for reservation NOW! To Reserve please contact us. We are able to do pair deals and payment plans are available. We also have some lovely Anery het Scaleless het Amel, meaning you could make scaleless snow corn snakes in around 3-4 years. Corns are never a quick breeding project, but with limited scaleless available for sale, we are offering you the opportunity to stay one step ahead!

Want to breed but not sure what to buy? Contact us now for help with your future breeding projects.


HOGS Everywhere!!!

Another amazing clutch for us this year, and my my do we have some treats for you…

Welcome to our newest het Orange Ghost Stripe, poss het Citron Clutch! These babies are produced from a Female Platron Tiger to a Male Orange Ghost Stripe, making them the must have combos of the year. We will be offering some pair deals to you for future breeding.. and now we have selected our hold backs to prove out in future.. you can PRE-ORDER NOW!!!  Find out more about our HOGS Combos…


Our long awaited ‘Coral’ clutch…

As many of you know we have been waiting patiently for eggs to hatch, much like all reptile breeders in the profession at this time of year, and we have been over the moon with our results!

Odds have been in our favour so far, and we have had some amazing babies hatching the last few weeks. The most exciting for us personally, being the ‘Coral’ clutch. Dean has put a large amount of his time experimenting with the genetics in these little beauties, with the help of his staff of course! There’s nothing like seeing the results of your hard work… and we have worked HARD this year! We are proud of all our babies, whether classic or multi gene and we can’t wait to share them with you.

As you can see there are 7 morphs here which were produced in this clutch, and thats JUST the Albinos! We have a number of non-Albino, 100% het Foulsham Caramel reticulated pythons also from this clutch, which we are holding back at this time for our future breedings. You can read more about the Coral Clutch here…

The coral morphs will be on sale in time for the EU and UK June shows, and ARE AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW!!!


Our Annual BBQ 2016…

Tickets for our Annual BBQ are now available to purchase in-store, online (through Facebook or email) or over the telephone.

The BBQ is a great time for us to socialise with friends, colleagues and customers and introduce people to our amazing selection of reptiles. All part of the store are ACCESS ALL AREAS for the event.. For more information, or to book tickets, see our BBQ page or join our event on Facebook!

You can also see what last years BBQ was like, if you head on over to our Gallery!


Courier News!


UK/EU/Expo courier from our sister company!!!

We now have a reputable courier who is able to courier in the UK, EU and to and from Expos.

Delivery also available to and from Hamm/Houten reptile shows!

Contact The Reptile Room Courier Service for details.


reptile hunters logo

Shipping to Ireland now available!

We now have a reputable courier who is able to courier livestock to Ireland…Free delivery when you purchase from us!

Delivery also available to and from Hamm/Houten reptile shows! Contact Reptile Hunters for Details.