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BBQ 2017

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The Reptile Room Annual BBQ 2017

26th & 27th August 20172016 BBQ (759 of 849)

Every year we like to throw a BBQ for all of our clients, customers and friends where we; allow access to the restricted areas of the store, present breeding talks, offer HUGE discounts on livestock, set up deals and much more…

Last year was a big success, we were lucky enough to have some nice hot weather and a turnout of around 100-150 people per day and not only did many of our friends from abroad attend the event, JAY Brewer himself attended!

All the staff really enjoy the BBQ as it gives us a chance to get to know you better and introduce you to some of our friends from both the UK and EU.

At the BBQ you can enjoy access to our breeding areas where we keep our large snakes and view an amazing selection of Reticulated Pythons bred by Jay Brewer and his team over at Prehistoric Pets- along with our own UK Captive Bred animals., Tour our incubation rooms where we ‘cook’ our eggs and introduce you to our newest hatchling snakes. There will be lots of time over the weekend to handle the animals and learn more about them. The BBQ is a great place for beginners to experts as our team, clients and friends,  have a wealth of knowledge about herpetology.

Not into reptiles? Come along anyway… we are a friendly and open minded team who are happy to chat to new comers in the hobby… always wondered what reptiles are all about? Let us show you!

Our BBQ is completely family friendly, with under 5’s tickets for free, and our amazing children’s play area- which last year consisted of a huge double slide bouncy castle, and a smaller one for the little ones, all ages are welcome!

Entry Prices (per day):

Adult Ticket- £102015 annual BBQ (6 of 350)

Child Ticket- £5
(ages 5-13)

Under 5 – Free

Family Ticket: £26.50
(2 adults, 2 children)

**All tickets are non-refundable**

What can you expect from the day:

Breeders talks, VIP tours and handling will continue periodically throughout the day to ensure that all our guests have chance to see our wonderful shop.

- BBQ guests are welcome from 11.30am
– Food served from 12.30pm
– VIP Tour- including VIP room, male room, breeding rooms
– Breeders Talkbbq
– Animal Handling & Photographs
– Advice for beginners
– Childrens play area
– Drinks and food available
– BBQ finishes 6.00pm (No food or drinks will be served after 5.30pm)

To BOOK TICKETS or if you have any questions about the BBQ, please feel free to contact us:

We hope to see you all there!

The Team







**Please note: We do not send out tickets for this event, wrist bands are available at the till for collection on the day. ALL BBQ GUESTS must report to the till on arrival to receive your wristband. If you do not have a wristband, you will not be allowed in to the BBQ area. Please book in the name of the individual collecting the wristbands at the till, I.D will be required upon collection. All tickets for the BBQ must be purchased by Friday 19th August 2016- NO TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR- we need to make sure we cater for the correct numbers and organise the event in advance for health and safety reasons All children under 16 and under, must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18- with proof if required. Parents/ Guardians are responsible for children (16 & under) at all times. UNDER 5’S TICKETS, although free, MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. When claiming an ‘under 5’s’ ticket, parents may be required to show proof of childs age on booking ticket and collecting wristbands. **